Importance in Industries

STAAD. PRO is one of the advanced tools used by the civil engineers for structural analysis of the civil engineers for structural analysis of the designs in the construction and building industry. As the sector is booming , the demand for well skilled civil engineering profession has also increased. The industry expects due to the fact that in colleges emphasis is more given only on the theoretical part and so they lack the required technical knowledge.

Due to expansion of the construction industry ,the market is full of jobs .but ,students fail to grab the jobs due to lack of technical knowledge. In order to succeed , student must undergo proper training from reputed institute in various designing software.

Staad pro advanced training can effectively help in shaping the career of the civil engineering students as the training program will make them technically more confident and secure. The training acquaints them with various features of the software ,so that they can prove their ability in the job markert. The training acts as a real booster for their career.

Smartus How to Get Trained-

  • 1 day- How to use staad pro v8i.?
  • 2-3day- How to structural modeling in
  • 4 day- How to defining material constants and section properties?
  • 5 day- How to defining specifications and supports.?
  • 6-7 day- How to defining loads?
  • 8-9 day- How to defining perform analysis , viewing results and preparing report.?
  • 10 day – practice

  • 10 day- practice
  • 11 -12 day- dome design.
  • 13-14 day- tank design.
  • 15-16 day- bridge design.

Practical session for 1 week.end of the session.