Why SOLIDWORKS? – Importance in Industries

It provides a platform for conceptualization and a medium to convey ideas in industrial engineering that would otherwise be difficult to communicate. It is very difficult to demonstrate how a new mounting bracket will work on an assembly like without the use of Catia/SW. In fact it is hard to sell an engineering modification proposal to management without the use of a 3D model or a gozinto chart with sub assembly parts exploded view the development of 3D models becomes necessary.

In manufacturing these gozinto charts and sub assembly exploded views become necessary to implement an efficient line feeding and stores system. Without such synchronizing the operations of production and logistics with regards to parts supply becomes difficult, ideally each 3D model of a sub assembly part in catia/SW should communicate with the ERP system. If part number XJJ-788967 is requested the user must be able to see the physical part via catia and effectively tell which bin location the part is in, what is the current inventory level and when the next reorder point is scheduled. Other wise a line runner or production foremen may order an urgent part such as an oil seal, spacer, o ring and you may struggle to get the correct part using the ERP alone, integration of ERP to design software becomes a must.

These packages are necessary. You may have to modify a part and request an engineering change control document but the lad in the workshop wont know how to accurately machine the work piece on a lathe or on a bending press if he does not have a good drawing to look to, in case you send the work piece to an external agent she too will need an accurate diagram before machining or grinding the work piece. In the case of a CNC machine the communication of dimensions and tolerances to the CNC machinist is vital. These softwares are of great use.

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