Civil AutoCAD

Importance in Industries

Now a day’s AutoCAD is popular name in the field of 2d and 3d computer-aided design (CAD) . Basically AutoCAD is commercial software application. Auto cad introduces software tools for accurate idea during exterior and Interior designing of commercial building, hotel , showroom, and bridge Construction. In this time everyone wants praise worthily look for his/her residential and commercial building.

so to accomplish it they need go to the professional Exterior and interior designer so that he/she can better planning of the color effects ,space , styles. A professional architecture designer is that one who can able to give better look in minimum budget.

Smartus How to Get Trained-

As per industrial requirement smarts will give software knowledge and Practical knowledge of AUTO CAD software included all the buildings like Commercial , Residential , Industrial building . all the components of Buildings (plinth , slab , column , beam , wall ) and openings like (door, Window , etc.) shown of the drawing with standard dimension or provided Elevation dimension.

  • Step 1. How to draw plan in ( AUTO CAD) according for vastu sastra.?
  • Step 2. How Furniture block set in drawing .?
  • Step 3. How to draw column layout plan and center line plan ?
  • Step 4. How to draw beam layout plan?
  • Step 5. How to draw cross section for elevation?
  • Step 6. How to drafting electrical drawing?

What smartus will do-

Auto cad (2d drafting)-

  • software accuracy and how to work.
  • unit set and different layer working.
  • command uses and its description (line ,regenerating,ortho, offset, trim, arch, snap, rectangle,circle,).
  • (fillet, chamfer, array, undo, redo, rotate, dimension, hatching, etc.)
  • –draw complete plan according to vastu sastra.
  • furniture block set in drawing.
  • column lay out plan draw.
  • cross section plan draw.

Auto CAD (3D Modeling )-

  • layer generating .
  • commands ( extrude, subtract, 3d rotate, loft, orbit, revolve, sweep).
  • extrude, subtract command use and its description.
  • 3d rotate,loft,sweep, command use and its description.
  • orbit, revolve, command use and its description
  • Import 3ds max and assign material and rendering process.