Why Ansys? – Importance in Industries.

Ansys has acquired a number of companies since 2000, including ICEM CFD Engineering, Space-claim, CADOE S.A., of Lyon, France, a company specializing in parametric analysis, and with numerous French clients, including Michelin, Renault, Airbus, Areva and EDF and CFX (2003); Century Dynamics, Harvard Thermal, and Fluent Inc. (2006); Ansoft Corporation (2008); Apache Design Solutions (2011); Esterel Technologies (2012); EVEN and Reaction Design (2013); Spaceclaim Corporation (2014) and Newmerical Technologies International (2015).

The CAE/Simulation technology is used in all Industry Verticals.Aerospace, Automotive, Medicine, Industrial equipment, Communication, Embedded Systems, Energy, Consumer goods… These are all the Engineering Industry Verticals present in any typical market. Every Engineering Firm Will need Ansys Workbench, because every engineer wants a benefit and effectiveness of Analyzing & understanding the product behavior at a very beginning stage of R&D.

One practical instance of importance of ANSYS in industries:

BMW Sauber Formula One team has tied up with Lenovo Super Computing for the Hardware (CPU clusters) and ANSYS for the CFD simulation. Whether they use inbuilt Fluent and CFX solvers or use some UDFs and customize the solver is still in question but you can understand the trust in ANSYS that even those complex aerodynamic F1 car design teams are investing in it.

How to get trained?

At Smartus our goal is to help our students ad customers get the most of their software investment through:
  • Focused content based on usability.
  • Feedback generated topics, applicable to you.
  • Live software demonstrations.
  • Presentations developed by our senior engineers that, like you, use ANSYS daily to solve real-world engineering problems.

Smartus delivers  full detail problem solving lectures on most prominent topics of ANSYS like Structural Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Electronics, ANSYS HFSS, ANSYS Maxwell, ANSYS SIwave

What Smartus offers: