What is G-code in CNC Machine
What is G-code in CNC Machine ?
July 12, 2019
End Mill Types (CNC)?


End Mill Types (CNC)?

Flat end Mill:

Square End Mills or Flat End Mills. Square end milling cutters are also known as a “flat end mills”. The corners of these mills are sharp and generate a 90° angle. They can be single end or double end and they can be made from solid carbide or various compositions of high speed steel.

Flat end mills are used for cutting 2D shapes like circuit boards, flat-sided 3D shapes, and for detail work. You can use these carbide end mills to cut a square edge into metal, wood, wax, and plastic.Flat end Mill

Face mill tool:

Face milling is no different. When you’re looking to get a precisely-flat surface or you want a finish that really makes your part shine (literally and/or figuratively), the process of face milling can help you get there. The most common tool used when machining is an end mill.Face mill tool

Roughing End Mills:

Leave a rough finish but cut much faster than the finishing end mill. It is recommended to use one of these to start with, and then move to a finishing one.Roughing End Mills

Finishing End Mills:

Leave a nice finish on the stock you are working with.

Square End Mills:

Used for milling a perfectly square corner at the bottom of your channel.

Rounded Edge End Mills:

Rounded edges on the tips of the flutes reduce chipping and lengthen the life of the tool. Also known as corner radius end mills, they work well for making molds. Use on cast iron, cast steel, and heat-treated steel. Sometimes called Bull Nose End Mills.

Tapered End Mills:

Machine angled slots in dies and molds. Also known as taper degree end mills.

Drilling End Mill:

A 90°-point angle turns these end mills into drills for slotting, side milling, beveling, and profiling.

Chamfer End Mill:

Make beveled and angled cuts without the need for hand deburring. Two flutes provide better chip clearance, while four flutes produce a finer finish.

Corner Rounding End Mill:

Round off sharp corners on the edge of your stock.

Concave Radius End Mill:

Machine rounded, outward-curved edges into your stock.

Convex Radius End Mill:

Machine hollow, inward-curved edges into your stock.

Convex Radius End Mill


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